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Zombies for Libraries

Join us on October 31st for our Librarian Zombie Walk to City Hall!!!   So it’s time for  mid year budget adjustments. What’s that you say? I thought we were done until next year! Nope. The mid year budget adjustment

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Hey! We Know You!

Check out ULU member Karen Keys’ article in Library Journal.  Up at 3:15 am? Good times.

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Next ULU Event!

Urban Librarians Unite is back! After a brief hiatus to catch our breath we are reinvigorated, reenergized, and reinvented. Ever since ULU was first created two years ago we have had people asking that we rotate buroughs to make it

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Support ULU

Urban Librarians Unite continues to grow as one of the leading library support organizations in the country. Your donations go directly to our work supporting libraries and training library staff. Every dollar you give helps us reach more people and do more awesome stuff to support libraries and librarians in urban settings

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