Sandy Children’s Book Relief

EDIT: Thank you so much to all of our donors. We are NO LONGER accepting donations of books. We have a few storage units full and need to finish processing them. If you would like to help, financial donations are most welcome  and will be used to cover storage and transportation of materials to the Mini Libraries that are set up in the affected areas.

The libraries in some areas of New York City were hard hit by the storm and many communities which we serve have been devastated. There are a number of libraries in Queens which have suffered extensive damage and whose collections have been wiped out. When libraries are flooded the books on the low shelves (where little hands can reach them) get hit the worst.

Urban Librarians Unite is calling on our friends and supporters to help us build a new collection of materials for NYC libraries as well as putting books directly into the hands of young victims of this storm.

All donations of new and good quality used books should be sent to:

Urban Librarians Unite
45-06 Queens Blvd
Suite 120
Sunnyside, NY 11104

If you are unable to send books we are taking monetary donations to help us with the Children’s Book Relief and with setting up Volunteer Library Brigade teams in the disaster zone.

Please make a note that you are contributing to Sandy Relief efforts when you make your donation.

These young people have active minds which need something to focus on amid this chaos. Relocated families are forced to live in close quarters and are bored and stressed. Help us to give children a distraction and some joy in these troubling times.

If you have questions or would like to help please contact us at:



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10 comments on “Sandy Children’s Book Relief
  1. Julie Cracchiolo says:

    do ya’ll want adult books too?

  2. Bullhorn says:

    No, we are just doing children’s books this time. We noticed that the kids didn’t have much to do while their parents were taking care of adult stuff, and want to make sure there are some activities to keep them busy. Thank you though, the offer is appreciated.

  3. Can donations be dropped off?

    And what age levels of kidlit are we talking? Picture books, of course; what about early readers? Middle grade fiction? And is YA too old or is 12-up still within the range of what’s being collected right now?

    Also, I realize advance reader copies are not a viable long term solution for rebuilding collections and can’t be formally circulated, but would you want those to put in the hands of readers right now? (I have lots!)

    • Bullhorn says:

      We are absolutely open to ARCs to be given directly to kids. We would ask that you not donate unbound pages and galleys. These are lovely but impractical for kids under these circumstances and obviously not viable for libraries.

      We would be happy to coordinate a time to drop off materials. Right now that would have to be at our storage space in Queens. Please email us directly for more information.

      We are getting incredible interest so we are keeping it largely to kids books. Having said that, if you have HIGH QUALITY YA lit, the stuff that flies off the shelf, we would be open to finding new homes for them.

  4. Damon Jhamyl says:

    Please let me know if my organization may be able to help with getting books to your youth groups.


  5. Big props for this – I love the idea. But as someone who volunteered in Mississippi libraries in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I urge you caution in asking for book donations. People, with their best intentions, will send you books that are not usable in library settings due to age or condition or any other number of factors. You need money. I know, it’s crass, but that’s what you need – money. Then libraries can make their own selections and not have to worry about things like “How are we going to dispose of all these books?” whilst staring at a pile of encyclopedias from 1956 or books that are brand new but won’t circulate in your community.

    Money. Send money.

  6. Andrea Walter says:

    As a German librarian, I am unable to donate any books or money (I checked: money transfer is quite expensive) but I want to give you a huge “heads up”. Your work in incredible, and you sure have the sympathy and the solidarity of libraries and librarians around the world. Libranianship at its best!

  7. Juli says:

    An order headed your way! I chose 15 books from Better World Books so you their fundraising wins, you win, and most importantly, the KIDS win! I love your efforts! Kudos!

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