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The Amazing Library Variety Show!

Please come out and join us on Tuesday May 19th, 7PM at the Cell Theater for an incredible ULU Fundraiser presented by the Irish American Writers & Artists Inc.. This Amazing Evening of Entertainment will feature readings by such literary

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#signitfriday April 10th

BLAGH. Now the Missouri State Senate is trying to withhold 6 million dollars from libraries in the state for the NEXT fiscal year. Back to it folks, email the state senators and let them know how you feel about it.

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NJLA Runs an Awesome Conference!

This guest post brought to you by our friends at NJLA Your friends in the New Jersey Library Association are having their annual conference this month, and you’re all invited. We’ve put together some in-depth preconference programs that will kick

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#signitfriday April 3rd


Never a dull week in libraryland, the New York State budget has come out and it adds $5 million to library aid! Make sure to thank the legislators who made that happen below. You’ve got a chance to make a

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#signitfriday March 27th

Well there’s a ton of stuff going on this week. You can help Invest in NYC libraries, sign of for National Library Legislative Day, tell off the Governor of Missouri for kicking kids out of his office, and seriously House

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