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Librarians & Comicon – Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

Librarians and ComiCon go together like a perfectly created S’more of wonderful goodness. Geek culture meets pop culture meets nerd culture meets the coolest freaking event in New York City. Not only do librarians love comics but comics culture is

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Join Us!

It has been an amazing library advocacy season and along the way we have had LOTS of people ask how to get more involved in what we do. That’s great because we are always doing LOTS. Some things that you

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2015 Read In Was Amazing!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made the 2015 24 Hour Read-In a huge success this year. We had amazing amounts of foot traffic, blew up the mayor’s twitter, and generally had an amazing year of 24 hour advocacy outside of

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Watch the 2015 24 Hour Read In @ City Hall

Watch us ALL NIGHT LONG (and into the day on Wednesday too)! Once again we are reading around the clock, if you can’t make it to City Hall to support us in person then check out our livestream. You can

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Why Libraries Are Effective Instruments for Social Change

We have been advocating for libraries for years and it always comes up in conversation that libraries are “book warehouses” or that we are outdated in the time of Google and ebooks. This could not be further from the truth.

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Support ULU

Urban Librarians Unite continues to grow as one of the leading library support organizations in the country. Your donations go directly to our work supporting libraries and training library staff. Every dollar you give helps us reach more people and do more awesome stuff to support libraries and librarians in urban settings