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ULU Advocacy Research Hackathon!

Last year we hunkered down with a group of volunteers and made a little database of facts linked to every City Council member. These 1-pager info sheets really helped advocates when they talked to their City Council members about libraries.

Koch Brothers Gunning for Small Town Library

The Koch Brothers are going after a small town library in Illinois. This is actually happening. Why would a pair of billionaires who largely control Republic politics care about a local small town library? It’s a great question and a

5 Ways Professionalism is Killing Your Library – Lauren Comito

January 5, 2016 — 12pm EST 5 ways Professionalism is Killing Your Library Lauren Comito If you want to start an argument in library circles, just say something is or isn’t “professional.” What do we actually mean by that, and

Libraries Are Dead – The Drinking Game!

Libraries aren’t dead, they aren’t dying, they won’t eventually die. People will always need help organizing information. Especially as technology gets more complicated and ubiquitous. There will always be a place for facilitated learning and reading, for people who help make

Erica Findley Supports School Libraries and would like you to contact your rep in congress

Erica Findley EveryLibrary Why are School Libraries Important? A school library is often the first library a child will use. School libraries ignite a passion for reading, strengthen literacy, and provide a safe space for young people to study. The