Month: September 2012

Why the EveryLibrary PAC is Important to All of Us.

There is a brand new force in library advocacy and those of who fight in the budget trenches are ecstatic that it is here. The EveryLibrary PAC combines grassroots guts with steely-eyed professional political chops. It is a new tool

The Bookeasy

Come out for a celebration of underground literature at a Bookeasy in Brooklyn, on Sunday September 30th from 7-midnight at the Way Station on 683 Washington Ave. There will be live music, dancing, lively discussion, and readings from banned and

The Book Police Manifesto

Urban Librarians Unite gets support from all kinds of places and some of our friends have forwarded us this. It appears to be a manifesto of sorts, seemingly of an illuminati-like anti-book element. We thought it was pretty heady stuff

From your friends at the Desk Set: an invitation

  Greetings ULU readers! The Desk Set is grateful for the opportunity to repost the invitation below. Hope, hope, hope to see you at Public Assembly on Wednesday, September 19th for our upcoming event featuring some extraordinary women. Originally posted