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On Getting Punched in the Face While Working at the Library

(Happy National Library Week!) How library workers at small urban branches combat the true violence of oppression poverty Steve Kemple   On Saturday afternoon a man punched me in the face (I’m OK) while I was working at the Price

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#InvestinLibraries for #SOTC2018

In the current NYC FY 2018 – 22 February Plan, the TriLi will receive flat levels of funding that leave no room for increased support, increased or new resources, or improvements to infrastructure.   Join us on Twitter as we

Net Neutrality and some FCC BS

The FCC is set to vote to eliminate net neutrality this December. Urban Librarians Unite joins the dozens of organizations denouncing this action. Open access to information and the unbiased dissemination of information is critical to democracy and education. The

Awesome Shit to Do at NYLA 2017

It’s that time once again. The time when librarians across New York State make their annual migration to Saratoga Springs, to learn, and party, and also to party.. Where was I? Oh right, NYLA Annual Conference! It’s coming up in

No Free internet? No ULU. #savetheinternet

Urban Librarians Unite could never have the reach and output that we have had without free and open access to the web. If we had to pay to put this in front of you right now then you would not be seeing it. Please join us in support of the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Support Net Neutrality.