Where are these books going?
The books are being donated to a foster care agency north of NYC which houses unaccompanied minors. Christian has visited to make sure the books will get to the children. We will be using some of the books to create a library in the facility, and some to create storytime bags for the younger children who are staying with foster families.

Where can I buy books for the drive?
We have a wishlist set up an Amazon. Everything purchased from this list can be sent directly to the facility. 

Can I send you used books?
Thank you for wanting to support the book drive. We are not accepting used books in this book drive. Since the idea is that the kids will be able to keep these books, we want to be able to give them books that are in excellent condition. We do not currently have the capacity to store and sort used books. 

I don’t shop on Amazon, is there another way I can help?
Yep! We are working with a few book vendors other than Amazon, but will need funding to pay for those materials and shipping. If you donate money we will be using it with those vendors.

How do I ship them to the site? Amazon is suggesting my address.
We would like to ship them to the facility directly. Under “Other addresses” Please choose “Rising Ground – Diana Amado’s Gift Registry Address” See example in the screenshot below.