Is your office cluttered with books? Are your shelves at work and at home sagging under old ARCs? Are the piles of paperbacks filling in the corners and taking up floor space? Do you really need all five copies of that popular non-fiction title from three years ago that was more fiction and less popular than you had hoped? Would you like to do something creative, useful, and most of all EASY with them?

We are your answer! Once again the mayor’s proposed city budget slashes libraries and once again Urban Librarians Unite and Save NYC Libraries are ramping up to push right back. You know us, we are the people who have the 24 Hour Read In, the Zombie Librarian March over Brooklyn Bridge, we hugged the 42nd Street Library, you know us. Well we have big big big things afoot this year and your legions of leftovers can be part of it. Those tired old books despairing under dust in the corners can have new life as part of a dynamic library advocacy campaign.

We don’t want to make too many of the details public yet but it will be a citywide campaign that will attract a lot of press. Join us for some literary activism and be part of our book badassery.

Don’t worry, this will be easy. Drop us a note and we will fill you in on more of the details and coordinate pickup. Better yet, bring all your friends, colleagues, and officemates in on the deal for even more umph and an even easier time of it. You can go ahead and mail us your extras at:

Urban Librarians Unite
402 Graham Avenue
PMB 187
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Please note that PMB 187 part of the address, it’s kinda wicked important.

Trust us, you are going to love this one. We don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet but seriously, you’re gonna be glad you were in on it. Your old bookshelf remainders will have more life then they have ever known as part of one of our guerrilla library activism campaigns.

If you have questions or want to coordinate pickup then please drop us a note at:

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