What happened in the world of libraries last month? Basically lots of cool resources and archives went online, exciting librarians everywhere. Read on for more …

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McDonald’s tries putting books in Happy Meals

2016 American Indian Youth Literature Awards Announced

The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy looks back at the progress made in open-data initiatives in 2015, including  tools to make it easier to compare the cost of college, housing and health care.

A Seattle journalist wonders: why are universities fighting open education?

Professional Involvement

5 minute librarian launches the “Spoilers, Sweetie!” blog; needs librarians to write spoilers for award-winning books

Killer Resources for Librarians

The pop culture world lost its mind over the new Simpsons quote finder, a database of three million searchable screengrabs

The Global Oneness Project: a collection of multicultural films, photo essays, and articles that ‘explore cultural, social, and environmental issues with a humanistic lens,’ plus many paired lesson plans for high school/college classrooms.

The Rosa Park papers go online (courtesy of the National Archives)