In the current NYC FY 2018 – 22 February Plan, the TriLi will receive flat levels of funding that leave no room for increased support, increased or new resources, or improvements to infrastructure.  

Join us on Twitter as we raise awareness for libraries during the Mayor’s State of the City Address! Follow #SOTC2018 and @ULUnyc and let our Mayor’s office know that we want to #InvestinLibraries.

Please feel free to copy & Paste these tweets or customize them!


  • Making NYC the “fairest big city in America” can’t happen if improvements & support for libraries aren’t adequately budgeted. We deserve more than flat funding levels. @NYCMayor #SOTC2018 #InvestinLibraries
  • Libraries provide services in every aspect — education, immigration, employment seeking resources, youth engagement, — for all New Yorkers. #InvestinLibraries for stronger services. #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • Libraries are the cornerstone of every community. #InvestinLibraries  and invest in all New Yorkers. #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • Libraries are a safe haven for many teens and young adults, with dedicated teen spaces all throughout the NYC. #InvestinLibraries #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • Successful NYC businesses got their start at the local library. #InvestinLibraries and invest in small businesses of NYC. #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • Across the 5 boros, NYC Libraries play critical roles in providing services to new immigrants, from English Conversation hours to providing tangible resources on citizenship. #InvestinLibraries #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • NYC libraries are often the only place that households have access to internet. Flat-funding leaves no room for infrastructure repair or tech replacement. #InvestinLibraries #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • NYC libraries continue to make integral steps toward leveling the playing field for all, regardless of income or background — and waived fines for all youth so they can have unencumbered access to books, tech, & more.  #InvestinLibraries #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor
  • Libraries are one of the few places where all people and generations can be and work together. #investinlibraries #SOTC2018 @NYCMayor