Urban Librarians UNite $10 x 100 campaign graphic, ULU logo and thermometer

Hi! Welcome to the ULU $10 x 100 challenge! ULU is challenging our supporters to get 100 people willing to step up and support us for just $10 a month.

ULU does the stuff the big library advocacy organizations can’t, because we have no one to answer to but YOU. We are doing immediate, impactful work for — and by — frontline librarians and library lovers like you. We are gathering resources for refugees. We’re looking at the opioid crisis and exploring librarians’ rights and responsibilities. We’re advocating for adequate resources, telling truth to power, throwing crazy, awesome conferences, and still giving librarians a space to party together (ax-throwing, anyone?). We are your entrepreneurial library association: fast moving, person-driven, quick, agile, and creative.

Pledge levels

  • Your sustaining donation of $10 a month will cover the costs of keeping refugeelibraries.org up and available.
  • Your sustaining donation of $20 a month will cover a speaking fee for the annual Urban Liobrarians Conference! (A small price to pay for inspiring so many!)
  • Are you a high roller? Your sustaining donation of $75 a month will keep our websites malware free! Yay! (no one likes malware)

Urban Librarians Unite is run entirely by volunteers. All of your support goes to serving you while you serve your community. Currently we have a kick-ass conference, are running the refugeelibraries.org project, are developing a white paper to look at how libraries can help in the opioid crisis, we have a network of mini libraries in NYC, and still do awesome social/networking events. We are doing the work that you became a librarian to do: to democratize information and use it to help the most vulnerable. We accomplish a lot for a small org and we hustle to do it. If we hit our goal we will have a new level of organizational capacity and can expand our work on, well, pretty much everything.

If you have ever come to our conference, attended one of our parties, benefited from our advocacy, learned something from one of our trainings, or just believe in what we do as a tiny independent library organization this is the time to step up. Go here to sign up for your monthly pledge. After you are done there, reach out to some of your friends and get them to sign up. Your support makes a real and significant difference to our organization.