It has been an amazing library advocacy season and along the way we have had LOTS of people ask how to get more involved in what we do. That’s great because we are always doing LOTS.

Some things that you can get involved in starting right now:

Guerrilla Storytime at Socrates Sculpture Park – We will be doing storytime in the park from 2-4 every Saturday in July and August. No storytime experience necessary, we will give you all the training that you need. It’s a great way to get some children’s library experience while enjoying the awesome park in the sunny summer weather.

MiniLibraries – we have four of our MiniLibraries online now and will be looking to expand it out to six or more in the coming months. They are in Brooklyn and Queens and we need folks who would be willing to refill them (and possibly host them as we expand).

The Urban Librarians’ Conference – each year we put on an amazing conference for working frontline librarians in urban centers. We need volunteers to help us find speakers, plan sessions, and help run the conference on the day.

The 24 Hour Read-In – We just finished it and we are already planning for next year. This is a huge event that takes tons of work even months in advance. Help us make it bigger and better every year!

Bookcart Drill Team – Everybody loves a parade, come join us as we start our own library parade crew marching whereever they will have us.

ULU Happy Hour – meeting the third Tuesday of every month this ongoing social event is where ULU got its roots. Come out and have a few drinks, talk about how much you love patrons, about how much you hate patrons, and about how you wish people would stop asking you what you are reading right now.

We are a fun group who are very open to whatever ideas you have for libraries in the city. Please come out and join us. You can sign up here!