Libraries aren’t dead, they aren’t dying, they won’t eventually die. People will always need help organizing information. Especially as technology gets more complicated and ubiquitous. There will always be a place for facilitated learning and reading, for people who help make sense of the world, and yeah, for books.

Look! The Doctor, in a library, years and years into the future! Your argument is invalid.

Somehow though, people keep writing articles claiming that the library is going to die. If you’re a librarian, your family probably posts them on your Facebook wall every time they pop up.

Oh well.

Since we have to keep dealing with people who think like this, and this, this and even this, we may as well have fun with it.

Enter “Libraries are Dead – the Drinking Game!

The rules are simple, whenever you read one of the following specious arguments about why libraries don’t need to exist anymore, take a drink. When you can no longer say specious, you win!


  • Google
  • everything is on the internet
  • everyone has a smartphone now
  • e-books
  • “I haven’t been in a library in years but…”
  • something something public sector unions
  • only homeless people use the library (CHUG)
  • picture of a bookshelf
  • taxes are bad
  • Kindle
  • everyone has a computer now
  • “no one” uses the library anymore
  • Wikipedia!

Bottoms up!

*game can also be played with ignorant internet comments and frankly, it may be more fun that way.