Organizers at Urban Librarians Unite are pleased to present the responses of over 97 political candidates running for city-wide office this year! Our twelve question survey focuses on public and school libraries in New York City, and sheds light on candidates’ attitudes towards public funds, infrastructure, and the role of city government in public services. The responses are available at the links below.

We hope these responses can help you make an informed choice as a voter in this year’s election!

We owe a massive thank you to the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s City Election Initiative. Using their data as a base, volunteers collected additional information about candidates running for city-wide office in 2021. The questionnaire was sent out to 319 candidates running for City Council and 84 candidates running for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, and Borough President.  

Urban Librarians Unite is a non-partisan 501(3)c dedicated to supporting New York City library workers. As a 501c3, the organization does not endorse any candidate for office and all survey responses are presented exactly as sent in to us by the campaigns.