It’s #signitfriday again and HOO BOY, do we have some stuff for you to sign this week.

Mayor de Blasio is looking for input on PlaNYC, have you filled out the survey yet? Tell him library service is a priority for you!
Survey Here

The governor of the show me state doesn’t seem to want to see how important libraries are. Heck he kicked a bunch of kids and librarians out of his office rather than talk to them about his draconian cuts in library funding. (Seriously, who does that?)

Check out Save Missouri Libraries
Sign the Petition

New York
Libraries are education, so an increase in library aid should be at the same rate as any increase in state aid to schools. Write a letter to Cuomo and your representative to tell them to support library funding increases.
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Ensure the Future of School Library Funding
Tell your Senators to co-sponsor the SKILLS Act
Call your Senator
Read more about this act here.

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