Urban Librarians Unite will be exhibiting as part of the DUMBO Arts Festival in September and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. We will be showing one of our Mini Libraries and setting up a VLB cart next to it as well as doing pop up blanket storytime in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is going to be our street librarianship total package.

084We have always bemoaned that little libraries have no reference element, there is no librarian engagement, it is a straight circ model. At the same time, when we are doing VLB work people always ask if they can take the books (It’s a reference collection so no, you absolutely positively cannot take the books). Having them side by side is going to be pretty ideal. It will be our street library total package (yeah people have free ebooks too).

Volunteers are still needed. It is a really fun event, vols will be doing street ref and reading to kids but you will also get a chance to walk around a little and look at the art yourself. This is a great chance to not just ATTEND an arts event in New York City but be PART of one.

Contact us to get details and sign up for Volunteer Library Brigade training today.