So check it out, ULU has an office! Yep that is right, our tiny little org has its own actual office space. Now we don’t have to work in bars and coffee shops (not that those can’t be great places to work mind you).


This is a big step for us but it is time that we made it. We are not only doing the advocacy thing but we have been doing ongoing programming after Sandy and are growing our Volunteer Library Brigades. We are still developing the library map, looking for new ways to use technology, and generally really growing the organization bigger and faster than we ever expected. We have been able to do a lot more than we started out doing and have a lot of ideas yet to come.

It will be great to not have this stuff taking over our kitchens, spare rooms, and living rooms. It will also be great to have a space to meet in, see potential funders, all that good stuff.

It is a cheap little space, don’t worry we haven’t gotten ahead of ourselves. It is in an artists/musicians space, you can hear the bass from the other studios through the walls, but we are fixing it up and making it our own.


That is where YOU COME IN. We have been bringing the sweat equity, with the heat in NYC this week there is a LOT of sweat equity happening here. Our space is super cheap but it is, well, kinda cheap. It is a practice space/artist loft type deal and we are trying to make it work to be something more for us. We can paint the walls and scrub the (kinda fugly) floor, we are even talking about building the desk out of scrapwood we recover from the neighborhood. We need your help with the other stuff! This paint doesn’t buy itself, ane we need some kind office supplies to start. Help us to get our file cabinets, chairs, printers, and lamps. We need stuff here folks and any help you can give us getting set up would be really greatly appreciated.

You can donate right online right here:

YES I want to help ULU set up Office