There is a brand new force in library advocacy and those of who fight in the budget trenches are ecstatic that it is here. The EveryLibrary PAC combines grassroots guts with steely-eyed professional political chops. It is a new tool on the library advocacy workbench and we fully expect it to the impact of a sledgehammer.

Why is the PAC important? Library advocacy can be a very tricky thing sometimes. Many libraries have very specific limitations as to what kinds of actions they take as they advocate for budgets and referendums. Organizations like Urban Librarians Unite work outside some of those parameters but we have fetters as well. Nonprofits likeULU,ALA, state library associations, and local libraries have VERY strict limitations as to the amount of money they can spend on lobbying and politics. Even grassroots efforts fall under this umbrella and stepping across those lines can result in penalties from the IRS and loss of nonprofit status.

Political Action Committees like the EveryLibrary PAC can step in and step up in the political arena in ways nobody else on the pro-library scene can. They can give money, real money, to support local budget initiatives. Though it is painful to say it, money is power and the judicious application of that power makes a huge difference in politics. As an organization that has operated on a shoestring for years we are very aware of what even a little money can accomplish. The EveryLibrary PAC is that lever for the rest of us. It is our shiny new titanium crowbar which will give our profession a political edge for years to come.

It is really hard to do this advocacy stuff and with no money in your pocket it can be brutal. What if there was a group that could get some lawn signs made up for the budget vote in your town? What if they could get some newspaper ads going or a radio spot? What if that same group could also help you navigate the political labyrinth of putting initiatives on the ballot and provide high level advice and consulting services? With the EveryLibrary PAC in our corner library advocates are going to be able to push back and push back hard.

For more information or to make a DONATION go to:

EveryLibrary will be a boon to all of us. Jump in as a backer when the dough is rising and you will always be able to say that you were there at the start.