Drag Story Hour cover, with text ULU Bullhorn logo and photo close up of bookshelvesAcross the US, right wing extremists have been targeting inclusive programming with a particular focus on Drag Story Hour. Protestors have been trying desperately to make the library fit into their narrow idea of what society should look like, and library workers have been trying to be inclusive of their whole community while still keeping staff and patrons safe.

This workbook was created by front line library workers to support our colleagues as they stand up for their communities. As staff work through the guide, they will complete a safety plan for their program and work together as a team to help keep the event as safe as possible. The plan also has information for administrators to help them give their staff, board, and community the support they need.

This guide is filled with guiding questions and practical advice useful for hosting Drag Story Hour. Keep standing up, we’ve got this.

The guide works best when printed double sided.

We know that some of our colleagues won’t feel safe with a document that has “Drag Story Hour” in huge type sitting on their desk. If that’s you, please download our alternate version here.