When the police cleared Zuccotti Park in the dark of the night they destroyed the People’s Library along with all the other infrastructure that was in place. Thousands of books were lost or damaged, laptops were smashed, and archival materials were lost. The intrepid library working group got right back on the stick and immediately set up the library again but now are being blocked from setting up the library in the park again.

We think this is pretty screwed up.

In response, starting Monday we are asking every librarian, library worker, library supporter, any body who has ever been to any of our events or heard us speak or read any of our things to please please please call 311 and make a comment. You have to specifically ask to make a comment to the mayor and they will have to transcribe it down so be patient with the operator.

The script below is just an easy guide, we ask that you affiliate yourself with one of our organizations or with libraries in general, or as a librarian, whatever. We want to show them that it is not just the People’s Library Working Group who are aware of what is going on.

Please call every day this week. Please particularly call on Thanksgiving. It will give you chance to push away from the table for a bit AND will reinforce that destroying a library is about as unAmerican as it gets, which is a good message for one of the most national of holidays.

Thank you for your help, please call every day and get your friends, families, and colleagues to do the same.

Script (just a suggestion):

“I am calling as part of the organization X, a library supporter, and a taxpayer and resident of the city. I want to make a comment to the mayors office, that I am deeply offended and upset by the destruction of the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street. The destruction of a public library under cover of darkness is an unAmerican act. Please tell the police to allow the reestablishment of the Library at Occupy Wall Street immediately.”