The Urban Librarians Unite Hurricane Sandy Book Campaign has been an utterly incredible success. We have received over 20,000 books from dozens of institutions and individuals all over the United States. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us!

Due to the sheer volume of materials we have received, we are closing the book drive for the time being. Right now we have been SWAMPED by your generosity. We are working very hard to distribute donated books to kids and families at need in the storm-impacted areas. ULU has already passed on thousands of books directly to kids, families, and libraries impacted by the storm. Urban Librarians Unite is hard at work setting a system of mini libraries and throughout storm-damaged areas of Brooklyn and Queens.

We have truly been shocked and humbled by this campaign. Although we have had to scramble to handle the level of support we have received, it has been a huge lift for us. This campaign has been the single largest success for our tiny little organization. Thank you to all of our donors and contributors. You will be hearing directly from us in the next couple of weeks (as we dig our way through this incredible mountain of books).

Thank you again to everyone. Although we are closing the campaign now, we may call upon your kindness again in the future.