The Desk Set Presents…

Biblioball 2012: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Winter Formal Dance Party & Fundraiser

Saturday, December 8, 2012 at The Bell House

8:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

Tickets $23 – $30

Buy tickets:

Proceeds Go To Literacy for Incarcerated Teens (LIT)

Serving Incarcerated and Detained Youth in New York

and Urban Librarians Unite’s Sandy Children’s Book Relief Fund.


Biblioball is simply the funnest literary/library party of the year. It is a book nerd prom where the literary kids are the super cool ones. It’s the fun winter formal that you have been pining for. This year is gonna be utterly utterly fab and if you miss it you will be both mad and very very sad. Once again this event is in support of Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, who work to support reading for juveniles in detention. These are some brilliant and hardworking librarians who benefit and every dollar counts and has every penny squeezed out of it (twice).

There is going to be great live music. There will be this ridiculously fantastic band there, like Los Encantos, and the Lucky Chops Brass Band. These people play outrageously fun music which is rockin and super classy and danceable. When the live music ain’t blowing your mind Djs DJ Duane Harriott, Brian Blackout, John XI, Marty McSorley, and Mikey Post spin 40s, 50s & 60s Soul, 70s Funk, Pre-Punk Psych, Juke-Joint, Bogooloo, New-Wave and more.

Desk Set is working the Post Office theme (which we thoroughly approve of), and the pageant is a run for Postmaster General. Four talented and brilliant library and literary types will compete for the prize including our own incredibly talented Ingrid (go Ingrid GO!).

We are super lucky that this year half the proceeds of the Fancy Pants Raffle will be going to our own Sandy Childrens Book Campaign (and boy can we use it). These raffles really are a whole other level of raffledom every year. It always features super fun stuff from local supporters and we hope that lots and lots and lots of you come out and buy tickets.

There is going to be a interactive postcard writing installation Words, Words, Words: Greatings from New York City by Joy Tomasko. Guests can take hope a copy of Zinester Alycia Sellie‘s fourth installment of the Biblioball Zine, The Borough Is My Library. Of course you have to make sure and have your picture taken by photographer Jeremy Balderson in front of illustrator Gilbert Ford’s original Biblioball backdrop.

“Wow” you say. “Holy smokes, that is a lot at one event,” and you are right. That is the thing with Biblioball. It is just this whirling time of dancing and drinking and music and you go and get your picture taken with your friends, and you buy a bunch of tickets for the raffle, then you go and you dance some more, which makes you thirsty so you try out another one of the cocktails for the night and talk to your friends while you check out the art installation, on your way back to the dance floor you buy a bunch more raffle tickets from a cute roving seller, and you dance like mad to this great band, then cheer on the pageant, get another picture with a new friend, and you hope for a win at the raffle but if you don’t win you drown your sorrows in another fun cocktail and all of a sudden it is 4AM.

Please, do yourself this one favor this year. Buy a ticket, get dressed up, and come dance with a librarian.

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