Urban Librarians Conference – Call for Speakers!

Getting Our Hands Dirty
Newark Public Library, New Jersey
September 27, 2024

Proposals due Midnight EST Sunday June 16, 2024

We are looking for speakers for the thirteenth Urban Librarians Conference on September 27th, 2024 in Newark, New Jersey! 

This conference has always been about you, the urban library worker, getting it done in the trenches of our busiest and most challenging libraries. Budget constraints, limited resources, and community needs can feel like constant battles. We want you to tell us your ideas that work!

Whether it’s implementing cost-effective garden projects, running targeted advocacy campaigns, creating new ways to support each other,  or launching community engagement and outreach initiatives, we want to hear about the nuts and bolts of what’s working for you. Bring your library toolbox and put on your hi-vis cardigan. The work you do is worth sharing, come be part of a community of practice making a difference in our neighborhoods  and profession.

This will be our THIRTEENTH Urban Librarian Conference and this will be our first year since COVID when we come together in person. We have an exciting new venue, the Newark Public Library in New Jersey.. This library is easily reached by air or  rail from anywhere in the North East (or kind of all over)  and we are excited to have a new space and place for our work.