communityJune 4th 4PM – June 5th 4PM

New York Public Library Schwarzman Building, the 42nd Street Library to the right of the entrance.

Librarians, authors, and library advocates will read around the clock for libraries in New York City. Starting at 4PM on Saturday June 4th and going straight through to 4PM Sunday June 5th. Readers will keep a voice going in support for libraries in New York City through the dark of the night. Last year libraries got an incredible $43 million in funding but more is still needed libraries are open longer, they have new staff but there is more to be done. They need to bring funding up to 2008 levels and there are still hundreds of millions of dollars needed in capital investments in the library buildings themselves to bring them up to good repair.

For our seventh 24 Hour Read In we are in a great location beside the lions at one of the most iconic libraries in the world and we have had incredible public support from the New York City literary community. Authors know the importance of libraries in keeping books in the hands of the public and ideas in our communities. This year we have a wide variety of authors including an entire lineup of children’s authors and illustrators for our Family Storytime.

Saturday June 4th

4:00 PM Cecily Von Ziegler author of the Gossip Girl Series and Dark Horses forthcoming from Soho Press
5:00 PM Sarah Gerard, Essayist, Author Binary Star
6:00 PM Bridgett Davis,Writer, Essayist, Filmmaker, Author Into the Go-Slow
6:15 PM Mia Alvar, Author In The Country
7:00 PM Maud Newton, Writer, Essayist, Critic
gozoeChildren’s book authors and illustrators fill Family Storytime on Sunday June 5th from 9AM – 1PM This will be an amazing day of children’s literature with storytime, games, and activities for the whole family.



Our Children’s Author Lineup currently features

10:30 AM Sophie Bell – Author The Ultra Violets Series
10:45 AM Kat Yeh – Childrens book Author Truth About Twinkie Pie & more
11:00 AM Kyle Luckoff, childrens’ librarian and whose debut picture book, A Storytelling of Ravens, released by Groundwood Press in 2018
11:15 AM Zetta Elliot – Children’s Book Author A Hand To Hol, I Love Snow and more
11:30 AM Veera Hiranandan – Children’s Book Author Phoebe G. Green Series
11:45 AM M.D. PayneChildren’s Book Author Monster Juice Series
12:00 Noon Paul Zelinsky – Classic Picturebook Author and Illustrator
12:15 PM Rita Meade – Children’s Librarian and Author of Edward Gets Messy (Sept. 2016)
12:30 PM John ParraChildrens Book Author and Illustrator: Round is a Tortilla, Waiting for the Bilbioburro, and more
12:45 PM Lucy Ruth CumminsChildren’s Book Author: A Hungry Lion, The Taking Tree
3:30 PM Marilyn Johnson – Author Lives in Ruins & This Book Is Overdue

Admission is free and open to the public. This event is both a celebration of libraries in New York City and a rally for more funding for them. The 24Hour Read In is a perfect analogy for libraries in New York City. Every minute of every day around the clock there is someone using the library to improve their situation or even just be entertained. These library advocates will be the voice speaking out for all the unknown and unseen patrons who use the libraries every single day.