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Join us in storytime protests

Currently the United States Government is holding thousands of children separate and apart from their families in detention centers across the country. Toddlers are being forced to appear in court without their parents, families are being told that if they

New Yorkers Deserve Better than Stagnant Library Funding

Did you know that the per capita library funding in NYC is approximately half the state average? New York City deserves better. Better library funding for operating budgets, better library buildings, increased programming, more technology access, you get the point.

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On Getting Punched in the Face While Working at the Library

(Happy National Library Week!) How library workers at small urban branches combat the true violence of oppression poverty Steve Kemple   On Saturday afternoon a man punched me in the face (I’m OK) while I was working at the Price

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24 Hour Read In Live Stream

Welcome to the 2016 – 24 Hour Read In live stream! Even if you can’t make it in person, you can still watch us read from afar. If you want to support ULU in providing the Read In this year,

Support the 24 Hour Read In

Have you always wanted to support the 24 Hour Read In but you don’t live in New York City. “If I was there I would totally work the 4AM shift” you say as you check on us on FB for