Join your neighbors and library lovers to stand and recognize the last day of Sunday library service in the City of New York.

Mayor Adams’ arbitrary and irresponsible budget cuts have negatively impacted our libraries and the well-being of working families, children, and seniors, particularly those with the greatest needs. These drastic cuts go against our core values of justice, inclusivity, and community solidarity. The proposed cuts in the January Financial Plan will have even deeper impacts on the libraries and our neighbors who rely on their services for the resources they need to live meaningful and fullfilling lives

The loss of Sunday library services disproportionately affects the working class and families who rely on this day for access to essential resources. Let’s come together to express our concerns, share our stories, and advocate for the restoration of vital library services.

RSVP and join us on December 17th to stand up for our community, libraries, and the values that make our city great.