3 lite canldes on a black background with ULU Logo - text reads candlelightvigil foir sunday Library service, because literacy isn;t a 9-5 thing

Candlelight Vigil for Sunday Library Service

New York City's Mayor Adams' budget cuts impair the library services, particularly impacting working families, children, seniors and those in need. The discontinuation of Sunday library services disproportionately affects these groups who depend on these resources. Residents are encouraged to gather on December 17th to challenge these cuts and advocate for the restoration of essential library services.

NYC Library Budget Advocacy and You

It's a difficult time for library advocacy Physical library buildings are closed, local budgets are heavily impacted by a lack of revenue, and while the NYC Library budget is largely flat, the future is uncertain. As the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, continued revenue shortages may make libraries a tempting target for budget cuts which could … Continue reading NYC Library Budget Advocacy and You

What? Why on earth would we be ok with that?!

Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article detailing how many NYC schools are in violation of state regulations requiring a school librarians in each secondary school. It was quickly covered by other outlets as well. Wall Street Journal NY1 The Atlantic Epoch Times The NYC DOE has certified school librarians in only half … Continue reading What? Why on earth would we be ok with that?!