Two young women sitting on a log in the park

We are excited to welcome Elizabeth Ashkinazi and Shakila Islam to Urban Librarians Unite this summer! They are joining us as interns from the CUNY Career Launch program. CUNY Career Launch allows for students who have not had substantial paid internship experience to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to the work world. 

Both Elizabeth and Shakila recently graduated with their bachelor’s degrees. Elizabeth graduated from CUNY Hunter College with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. Shakila graduated from CUNY Brooklyn College with a double degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Elizabeth will be working as a program administration intern, helping with our elected official database, distribution of covid test, and Trauma Study distribution. Shakila will be a communications intern, helping in promoting programs, setting up comms calendar, and creating graphics and text for upcoming events. 

They both are excited to be a part of ULU, learn more about a non-profit organization and gain experience in the industry. Learning about ULU has brought great interest to the interns in speaking up for libraries and getting involved in their communities.