Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) stands in staunch opposition to the recent decision by Mayor Adams to slash the city budget by 5% across the board, with devastating consequences for our libraries, working families, and our neighbors with the highest needs. This draconian measure, purportedly justified by blaming asylum seekers, is an affront to our values of justice, inclusivity, and community solidarity.

Libraries are not just buildings; they are the beating heart of our communities, providing a sanctuary for education, information, and shared experiences. Forcing the libraries into a financial position where it is necessary to strip away Sunday hours at the library strikes a blow directly at our neighbors who rely on these services for their children’s education and personal growth.

It is disheartening to witness Mayor Adams resorting to scapegoating asylum seekers for these callous budget cuts. We vehemently reject any attempt to use vulnerable communities as a smokescreen for financial mismanagement. Our city thrives when we embrace diversity, understanding, and compassion. Blaming those seeking refuge is an unacceptable betrayal of our shared humanity.

We call upon Mayor Adams to abandon this shortsighted approach and instead engage with the community to find equitable solutions that protect the most vulnerable among us. As advocates for our communities and neighbors, we refuse to accept the idea that the erosion of essential services that our city’s residents rely on is necessary to meet the challenges of this fiscal environment. Together, let us stand united against these unjust budget cuts and work towards a future where our city prioritizes the well-being of all its inhabitants.

ULU is committed to fighting for a fair and just city. Join us to advocate for a budget that invests in the strength and resilience of our community.