Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) celebrates a significant milestone as The Mellon Foundation bestows a one million dollar grant over the next four years through its Public Knowledge program. This substantial support, the largest in ULU’s history, recognizes the organization’s decade-long commitment to empowering urban library professionals, enabling the expansion of initiatives like professional development, mentorship, and tailored resources.

This funding will be used to will fuel ULU’s dedication to professional development, mentorship, and resource creation for urban library workers, adding operational capacity through the creation of new positions. The transformative grant will empower ULU to expand operations, seek sustainable funding, and employ additional staff. It allows continued emphasis on library worker health and safety, expansion of publication work, and the creation of policy models to address library issues at local, regional, and national levels. Core projects, such as library advocacy and refugee support, will be renewed and expanded, while new challenges and opportunities are explored.

Urban Librarians Unite extends heartfelt gratitude to the Mellon Foundation for recognizing the importance of investing in the well-being and professional growth of urban library workers. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to ensuring that urban library workers are supported agents of their communities, fostering vibrant hubs of knowledge and community engagement.