Category: Library Advocacy

Sarah Houghton Supports School Libraries and wants you to contact Congress!

Sarah Houghton San Rafael Public Library The Librarian in Black Why are School Libraries Important? School libraries are the front line of learning defense for children everywhere. School libraries are where children can discover new interests, new challenges, and find

Turner Masland Supports School Libraries and thinks you should call Congress and say you support them too!

Turner Masland Portland State University Library Why are School Libraries Important? Lifelong learning is an essential skill as a citizen in the 21st century. Life in the information age is one of constant change. Libraries are indispensable institutions, providing citizens

Erica Findley Supports School Libraries and would like you to contact your rep in congress

Erica Findley EveryLibrary Why are School Libraries Important? A school library is often the first library a child will use. School libraries ignite a passion for reading, strengthen literacy, and provide a safe space for young people to study. The

Suzanne Jaynes Supports School Libraries

Suzanne Jaynes Portland Public School Why are School Libraries Important? I had the great opportunity to spend 30 years in the same elementary school library getting to shape it into a great place for students, parents and the neighborhood to

N. Jordan Supports School Libraries

N. Jordan Retired Why are School Libraries Important? Readers are leaders. We need to daily encourage reading so our country will have better leaders. Our society needs to advance in all areas…readers achieve more How has a School Librarian or