Urban Librarians Unite is calling for volunteers! We have lots of programs in play right now and lots of chances for people to step up and step out for libraries. Instead of doing a big bulk “we need help” call we have some specific projects that we would like to have people sign up for. Let us know what you would like to work on and we will get you going on it.

Volunteer Library Brigade
VLB coordinator(s) – for those of you who have trained for the VLB we are looking for 1-2 project leaders to schedule locations and events. We will get you leads and lists but we are looking for a project leader for the summer active season
VLB Members – if you have NOT trained as a member of the VLB but are interested in doing some street librarianship we will be doing 2-3 trainings in the course of the summer, let us know you are interested and we will get you trained.

5th Annual 24 Hour Read In
Aide de Camp – Christian needs a “go to” assistant to help coordinate this entire event. This person is NOT a secretary but will be a collaborator on the event (as well as taking some of the yeoman’s work). This is the fifth year for the Read In and we are looking for a big event
Ground Troops – we need people to help us prep for the event, do outreach, and be on hand to make sure the Read In goes smoothly on the day, this is a really fun event and we need all the hands we can get on it

Mini Libraries
Road Team – We are in the process of placing the Mini Libraries out in the community again, mainly in Western Brooklyn and Queens. We are looking for volunteers, preferably with transportation, who can make a monthly circuit of the boxes and make sure they are filled and in good shape

Treasurer – We need a dedicated person who can work at the Board level and act as treasurer. There will be an application process for this position.

Sign up now!