Urban Librarians Unite stands with the Miami Coalition to Save Our Libraries. The current funding proposal for Miami Libraries is wholly inadequate to fund and staff a library for a major city American urban center. Miami is one of the great cities of the world, its residents deserve a world class library system.

The plan presented by Mayor Gimenez to the Blue Ribbon Task Force and the County Commission is wholly inadequate to funding a 21st century metropolitan library system. These are politically expeditious plans which do not serve the needs or interests of the people of Miami

There are two proposals on the table. The lower proposal of 30 million is absurd, and even the higher proposal of 50 million would result in unacceptable service cuts including:

reduction of service hours at 18 locations to 4 hours x 4 days a week
cancellation of interlibrary loan service
reduction of public service staff

We stand by the Coalition to Save Our Libraries. Sixty four million dollars is the only responsible funding level on the table. This funding would provide stable funding for the libraries and allow them to function in a stable manner. It would support and sustain current service levels (what hours the libraries are open, how many branch libraries are open, and what services those libraries can provide).

Librarians have always been innovators and given adequate staffing Miami’s libraries will be able to provide new and necessary support and service to one of the great cities of America.

We are proud to stand alongside our friends and colleagues at EveryLibrary, the national library PAC. Together we see Miami library as a place of potential, a place that could serve all the people of Miami. We know what libraries can do for communities and we call for adequate funding for Miami Libraries to achieve the potential of a modern urban public library.

Urban Librarians Unite