First Book has selected Urban Librarians Unite and the REFORMA Children in Crisis Task Force from among over 100 applications to receive an award of $95,412 for new books to be distributed to migrant children across 4 states. 

First Book, the nonprofit social enterprise focused on equal access to quality education for children in need, awarded the funds as part of its OMG Books Awards: Offering More Great Books to Spark Innovation, a program that will give more than $4.7 million in funding to distribute 1.5 million brand new books and eBooks to children living in low-income communities in 33 U.S. states and territories. 

Urban Librarians Unite and the REFORMA Children in Crisis Task Force will use the award to provide books to children in foster care and secure facilities as well as attorney’s offices, support agencies, and directly into the hands of kids as they are being moved from place to place around the country. This is a way to give kids in difficult circumstances education, entertainment, and hope. Not only will librarians and trained educators create collections for the kids to access but groups that have been helping these children will be given the resources to get materials for the kids they serve.

This incredible grant will help us to get thousands of books out to kids in need. Books are only part of the solution, so we have created a crowdfunding drive to get them games, sports equipment, and personal/feminine hygiene supplies. You can help us to help these kids, donate here!