Urban Librarians Unite is working hard for libraries and we need your support to keep our work moving forward.

ULU has had a huge year. Our efforts as part of the Invest in Libraries coalition resulted in the biggest budget increase for New York City Libraries in the history of the city. With an increase of over $40 million the libraries are hiring staff and adding hours for the first time in years.

In addition to our work in advocacy we are doing more library education and training than ever before. Our coffee break webinars are taking off like wildfire and we have great speakers lined up to share their knowledge in happy bite sized segments every two weeks for the rest of the year.

We have our theme for this year’s Urban Librarians Conference, Weird Library Science, and will be putting out a call to speakers in the next couple of weeks.

Our work in other areas of librarianship are ongoing as well. We are all over the NYLA Conference coming up this week and we presented at New York Comicon as well as helping to man the ALA booth on the trade floor.

We now have five Mini Libraries out there getting books into the community and we are hoping that we will soon have a sixth. They have put tens of thousands of books back into our community and are getting more out there in the hands of kids and adults every day.

In short, we are busy. Busy busy busy, so very very busy and we are doing good work. In order to keep doing that work we need your help to keep the organization going and growing. NOBODY gets paid for ULU. Everyone who works with us is a volunteer including our staff and leadership. We do have overhead however and if we are going to keep the doors open and the org expanding we need your help.

Please donate to Urban Librarians Unite’s Fall Fundraiser. Our goal is to collect $2,000 by Halloween and we know that with your help we can do it. We are out there fighting for libraries and librarians all the time. To stay strong and nimble we need your dollars and cents.

Thank you for your support.